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How can I place an order?

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I don’t have a credit card. Can I buy online?

Yes why not. We can offer you more options

1. Bank Transfer / Deposit
Kindly contact 0772 369 268 via a voice call, whatsapp, viber or imo and contact our call center. Required information will be provided

2. Cash on Delivery
You can select the Cash On Delivery option where you can complete the transaction without entering any credit card details to complete the transaction. Select Cash on Delivery as the payment option and complete the transaction. You can pay cash to the delivery agent who comes to deliver the package at the point of you are accepting the package. Note : Please make sure that you pay the total value stated in the invoice

What are the acceptable credit card types?

We accept Visa & Master Credit cards. We are still working on getting AMEX platform. It will be done soon

My credit card payment has been failed. Can you assist me?

Yes sure. Our call center is dedicated to serve you. Please contact 077 2 369 268

I only need to buy one product. Do I need to still select the ADD TO CART option?

Yes. To maintain a simplicity of the journey, we have kept ADD TO CART buttion to take you to the checkout.

If you are planning to buy multiple products, still you can click ADD TO CART and once your selection is over, you can proceed to checkout

How long goes it take to deliver my package?

Package will be delivered within 4 working days from the order placement. Kindly note that courier does not work ( Pickup / Delivery ) During weekends.

How can I cancel my order?

Please contact us via 0772 369 268 for order cancelation

The cancellation must be informed within 4 hours from the time you’ve placed the order

How can I exchange an item?

Please escalate the exchange request via 077 2 369 268 to us within 24 hours from the order delivery

Keep the package in original condition with label and the tag

We will deliver the new package via the same courier you can accept the new package and return the initial package via the same courier agent

Delivery fee of Rs .300 will be added for the exchange and you can pay to the delivery agent at the point of accepting the package

How can I Return my package?

Sorry. We are not accepting product returns. Exchange is possible please refer our exchange policy

What if the delivered item is damaged?

“kindly note that, our quality assurance team is doing a 100% quality check before order delivered to you. Hence, we would like to assure 100% no damage product delivery

But if you find any, Please contact us immediately via 0772 369 268

Please note that we will not be responsible for the damages after using product. Please consider our washing instructions stated in the tag “

Can I exchange a product which is already exchanged? How many times can i exchange an order?

Yes, you can. You can do the exchange only ONCE. That means you cannot exchange an already exchanged product.

Can I use OUTFIT.lk images to promote your product as an agent / intemediary?

Kindly note that OUTFIT.lk has not given any authorization to third party online websites / social media pages / groups or individuals or any other physical stores to sell our products or use our images.

All copyright Reserved Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka,

Copying, Publishing or Unauthorized use of OUTFIT.lk products & photos are strictly prohibited.

If we have built an affiliation or partnership with a third party entity, we will announce the news on our channels ( Web / FB / Insta ) for your convenience

Also we would like to notify that you can purchase OUTFIT.lk products only from

Web :www.outfit.lk
FB : www.facebook.com/outfit.lk

or dialing 0772 369 268.